Thursday, August 2, 2012

11 Months Old!

Yesterday, Abraham turned 11 months old.  Liberty, he and I went out in the yard for an impromptu photo shoot.  Warning: Long post with lots of pictures!

He won't stay still for a minute these days too often, unless he's very sleepy.  I'll just show you quickly how photos in the chair went, before we get into the better pics outside.

 He immediately began maneuvering to get out of the chair every time I'd sit him down in it. :)

Thankfully, outside worked better, though at first it seemed it might not.

He's also very attached to me since his bout with whooping cough, and not incredibly fond of the texture of the grass (dry and scratchy in this drought).  So in order to get photos where I could be other than right next to him, I would walk away from him several feet and let him walk toward me.  At first, his face was like this:

The start of the face of protest -- "Why are you leaving me?" But he got better with it, though he still walked toward me as quickly as possible most of the time when I backed away for photos.

Our yard is very dry and cracked due to the drought.

I tried having the two of them sit down together, but that didn't work so wonderfully.
The first one below is the best I got.  You can see in the progression that it got gradually worse from there as one of them wasn't having quite as much fun as the other. ;)

"Okay, no more Mr. Nice Guy.  I'm outta here."

Liberty patiently bears with him.  They are just so cute!
 "Well, how *can* I get outta here, anyway?"
 Liberty requested I photograph her sandal. :)
 I was mostly wanting photos of Abraham since it was his 11-month day, but of course I got some of Liberty, too.  The other children were inside.  Most of the rest of these are of Abraham, with very little commentary.  I did cut the number down, believe it or not, but I just like these pretty well and had a hard time at this point.  I'm posting a bunch and hoping you'll bear with me.

 Kinda fun, you can see my shadow in a couple of these. I'm a giant. :)

 He enjoyed investigating some things he found -- especially a rotting fallen apple with ants crawling all over it, blech.  No photo of that, I was too busy getting it away from him.

Still preferring to stay near Mom, but fairly content to investigate exciting discoveries as well.

Last night, we finally got some rain! :)


  1. Precious, precious, precious! I looove the little fat rolls on his arms, they're my fave! I love his age, babies are so fun at 11 months <3 I loooved looking through these!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them! I think he's pretty precious too. :)

  2. This post made me chuckle--perhaps because it hasn't been that long since Tyrell was 11 months old (and also impossible to keep still--not that he's tons better now!). Thanks for sharing the pictures, he sure is a cutie.

    1. Thanks, and yeah, he and Tyrell are going to be quite the pair next time we get together, huh? :)

  3. Aww, hes so cute! All your children are lovely and have wonderful names!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!