This is an alphabetized list of the book reviews I've posted on this site to date.  Some are more extensive than others.  Last updated 2/14/15.

Note added 4/29/11:  I sometimes link to places to purchase books, often Amazon because they usually have most books and are often reasonably priced.  The link I give may or may not be your best buy if you're looking to purchase the book.  Prices constantly change, too, so even if it seems to be the best buy when I link it, it might not be later.  I likely buy more books than the average person these days.  When I can, I usually buy them used, unless with the cost of shipping it's cheaper to just buy new.  I just thought I'd tell you that if it were me, I'd shop around.

To see my current reads and a list of what I've read recently, go here

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