Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who Is John Galt?

I wrestle with how to write about Atlas Shrugged.  It would be impossible to write all my thoughts concerning it in a single post, so I won't even try.  I have some friends who have read it recently or are in the process of it, so I feel more than ever that I'd like to put something together, yet it's so difficult.  I thought to select some quotes, but there are too many I want to share.  I get lost in thought all over again just reflecting on them each time I read over them.  It just about requires that you read it yourself.  How can I adequately summarize over 1000 pages of words so thought-provoking? 
So I guess this is my Atlas Shrugged promotional post.  It's only getting more and more relevant for our generation.  It's enlightening concerning the trends of our day in so many areas, and to me, it's more than that.  Although it wasn't intended that way, and its author would doubtless object to this idea, in some ways it is an excellent allegory of the Christian life.  And it's become more emotionally meaningful to me as well since my brother Clint's death, 2 years and 2 months ago today.  He recommended it to me, and I likely wouldn't have read it otherwise. 

I will issue a disclaimer.  In my opinion this isn't a good family read-aloud book.  Parts of it may be, but there are some themes and relationships in the book that in my opinion really make this a book best read by mature adults.  There are some things I would have preferred be addressed differently in the book, yet with some books the weight of what has been presented of value exceeds the negative things one could wish to avoid, and that is the case with this book in my opinion.  It's possible you may not agree, though.  Some people just find it an upsetting, depressing and/or anger-inducing book in general.  So, you have been warned.

Now, read it, if you dare.

For those of you who have, more about it is in the works.  And what are your thoughts?

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  1. Hmmmm. . .that's kind of a cop-out post, isn't it?! :) But really, I agree. Very hard book to write about. And in my case, I think Rand just did it so much better, what could I possibly add?!

    Thanks for the recommendation. It's one I won't forget soon!