Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WWW Wednesday Feb. 6, 2013


I am jumping in for the first time on this.  I've been wanting to post something about books for some time.  So here goes.  I'll just do one or two books for each question for a quick post, which seems to be the idea -- and since I'm a slow reader I'll still have other things to mention in all the categories if I do it again soon. :)

What are you currently reading? 

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Kings and Queens of Britain by Charles Phillips -- This started out as more of a scanning and editing endeavor (contains some content unnecessary for children), but I've been reading some of it in more in detail as I go.  Britain has such a rich history.  Homeschooling has interested me in things I never thought I'd care much about.  My daughter Bethany knows a lot about British history and has helped inspire me to learn more.  She's been very interested in this book, so I need to get this edit complete.  It's taken far too long.

Watership Down by Richard Adams -- This is a literature selection for Bethany this year, but I had never read it and decided to read it aloud.  They are enjoying it immensely, especially the older ones.  I'm enjoying it too, overall, though not as much as they are.  It's about rabbits, which aren't really that exciting to me, I admit.  But I'm enjoying the children's enjoyment, and parts of it have definitely been engaging so far, as well as thought-provoking.  We only started it recently but are already more than a third of the way through it, and it's not a short book.

What have you recently finished reading?

The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald -- I finished this on New Year's Eve, because I was determined I'd finish it last year and thus complete at least one more from my list of books.  I'm not really a fan of it, although I did get more out of it than I did when I was supposed to read it in high school.  It is thought-provoking, but also depressing.  It does contain truths about humanity, but -- ugh.

What do you think you'll read next?
Well, I have several I'm working on which I'll be at for a while.  But I did recently order some books which I may prioritize when they arrive.  Here are two of them:

Quiet -- The book about introversion by Susan Cain.   I've been interested in it for some time.

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners by John Bunyan. 

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  1. I've tried several times to read Watership Down. It just never took and I finally Paperback Swapped it last week.

    I read Gatsby as an adult a few years back. Have to say I got more out of it than I expected but I agree with your assessment.

    We have that same Kings & Queens of Britain book - what a great resource!

    1. As a child I started Watership at least once and didn't get into it, either. If it weren't for the children I'm not certain I would have this time. They really loved it though. I thought it good in some ways and not my favorite in others.

      Yes, Kings and Queens is a good resource. A bit much detail in some areas about certain immoralities, etc. for my taste, but I felt I learned a lot going through it. If I could only retain some of it!

  2. Delightful post! Glad to get a peek into your busy life. I've had Watership Down on my list for some time but have never quite managed to get to it. I've also considered re-reading The Great Gatsby as an adult. . .I found it quite depressing in high school even!

    Your upcoming books look interesting too. I hope you'll find time to post a quick blurb about them. :)

    1. Yeah, Watership Down... It's not something I'd put on a must-read list, personally. The children are of a different opinion, though. :) Gatsby: I'm glad I read it now, but my immediate thoughts when I was done were that next I really wanted to read something upbeat and encouraging. That was just the mood it left me with.

      I'd love to write something about books I've read... except that it takes me too much time! :(