Wednesday, July 18, 2012

They Came Back!

Mama Raccoon brought her babies by again Monday night.  I'd already scheduled my post about the first visit that we noticed, so I decided to let it post as it was and make another when I could.  

I got a few photos this time. 
Mama was rather nervous and kept pacing around, keeping an eye on me.  She wasn't in such a hurry to leave, though, probably b/c the youngsters were still eating when I got out there.

Every once in a while, she'd try to reach into the food dish amidst the scuffling little ones for a bite, but at least for the part of the meal I saw, she left most of it to them.
Her little ones' arguing was worse than my children's.  They resorted to growls and fights with each other frequently over the food.  But maybe that's mannerly for raccoon kits, who knows? 

Bethany was still awake and got to see them with me.  She was the only one of the children awake this time.  She was pleased because last time most of the others were awake and got to see them, but she and Zion were asleep already and missed out.  Now Zion hopes they'll come again sometime when she's awake so she can finally see them.

They left by a different route this time after they finished.

I did ask her whether she's ever been told she has her paws full.  She's about as well-mannered as her offspring, and completely ignored the question. :)


  1. Ha! I really am surprised they would come so close to humans like that. She was probably conflicted between counting her many blessings and exhaustion from feeding and refereeing them. :)

    1. Ha, she's a brave mama, looked like she'd be ready to try to defend them if needed. My parents have had coons that live in a tree really close to their house, and they're known to get into people's trash even in populated areas, so I guess I'm not too surprised there are raccoons that close. We've had a skunk before, too! But I was surprised at 5 babies!