Tuesday, December 6, 2011

May 2011 Photos Part 4 -- Sew, Sew

Back in May, I was determined to finally whip this sewing thing.  Once and for all.  Ha.  And maybe like it? Nah, I knew better.  Or at least I really should have, "after all these years," if I didn't.  Of course it does feel good to complete a project that needs doing.  I can think of a lot less frustrating ways I'd rather get that feeling though.  But, hey -- it builds character, right?  And now I've actually done enough sewing that I can usually remember how to thread the whole sewing  machine w/out consulting the manual for fear of breaking something on accident.

First project on the docket was pajamas for three girls who'd been eagerly waiting since... I'm really not sure when, but long enough that I was concerned about whether they'd grown too much for the amount of fabric I'd purchased at the time.  Thankfully, I'd purchased extra, figuring I'd probably need it for mistakes or something.  So, after my mom (thank you!!!) and/or YouTube came to my rescue countless times to answer numerous questions, some foolish mistakes that were at least highly entertaining to the children, and lots of wondering what I'd gotten myself into, I managed to produce some pajamas.

I did Tirzah's first.  Being youngest I figured she wouldn't notice as well if I messed up more on hers.  Here she is in the pants:

Liberty thought she needed to be part of the photo too. :) 

And a pose with big sister Bethany.

I did finish her shirt later, but neglected to photograph it.  I should do that before she outgrows it! 
I don't think I have a photo of Zion's gown, either, made out of this same material. :/
[Edit:  I did take a few photos the other day of Tirzah in her entire pj set.  I'll try not to make you wait until next year to see them...]
But I did take pictures of Bethany's pants, which were the next thing I made after Tirzah's since it was mostly the same process.

Again Liberty joined in.  She makes me laugh. :)

She was taking it seriously. :)

Close up.  Shh, don't tell if you notice that I had the fabric turned funny directions!  The pattern of the cats hides it pretty well, eh?  Or at least I'd like to think so.

Bethany wanted a picture bending down by her sister...

But Liberty thought she'd imitate that pose too! ;)

The shirt for Bethany's pajamas is as yet unfinished, because it was a bit more difficult than the other items.  It calls for some ribbon in a criss-cross pattern on the front, and I'm finding it extremely difficult to work with.  Haven't touched it for months.  Blech.  But I need to get back to it before it's too small!  So this is a good reminder.

All these things I was doing were really largely so that I could learn more about the craft before I started making something that would be, in theory, more presentable.  I started on a maternity jumper for myself that I thought I could also wear after my pregnancy for nursing in -- was getting the bodice done -- and I think I'd cut pattern pieces entirely for a maternity/nursing dress as well. 

But then July came.  It was incredibly hot, I was big pregnant, and became anemic, on top of the stress of it being July.  A month he loved.  The month he died a year ago.  And since I found another maternity jumper at a second-hand store (mercifully -- did I doubt God's provision? Even a moment?) , sewing waited.  And waited. 

Yep, still waiting.


  1. The only difference between you and me with sewing is that you sew better than me. I made my son some pajamas and they cam undone the minute he tried to put them on. I don't know what I did wrong, but let's just say I need a class or two or ten...

    1. Oh, no! :) Thanks for the compliment. There are a lot of good video tutorials online these days that really helped a lot. The instructions with the patterns were so confusing to me at first!