Thursday, December 8, 2011

May 2011 Photos Part 5 -- Two Dramas

I took a lot of photos in May. 

One evening the children performed a couple of plays for us that they came up with.  The first one was about a bird family but none of us remember what it was called. It was performed by Bethany, Zion, and Liberty.

The baby bird is in the nest here and the others I think are searching for food.

The second one was called "The Robber of Sunnyville" (title by Bethany and Zion).  Actors were Bethany, Peter, Zion, and Tirzah.  I didn't take pictures during that one, but afterward we had all the actors for both plays pose for photos.

Somewhere I have some video of this but my video camera stuff is completely disorganized.  One thing at a time... 


  1. Bless you, Amber. I've been looking around your blog, and just want to give you a big hug.

    Annie Kate