Monday, December 5, 2011

May 2011 Photos Part 3 -- Bowling and Random at Home

We went bowling with a friend in May.  We received some coupons for free games so decided to take advantage of them.  These pictures aren't that great, nor did I take many, but it was a fun time for the children especially.

Back at the homestead, I captured a sweet little sleeper in various poses during the month.

The last one was after an exhausting weekend -- yep, she's on the steps.  

But she does more than sleep.  Oh, much more. 

 She "washes" dishes, for instance.

She, um, puts back the shades? (pardon my black sheet -- it helps me sleep) By hiding in them!

Peek! (sorry it's blurry)

 She helps with the laundry too.

Doesn't that look just say "helpful?"  Only if it's spelled the same as "ornery," right? ;)

And below she was "helpfully" staying awake to play peekaboo instead of napping. :-P And taking photos of her was probably really helpful too, I know. ;)

Last in the completely random photo showcase, we have a couple of shots of the children doing something that actually looks a bit like traditional school.  Gasp!  Why yes, things do look just a bit like a classroom around here at times (ignore the piles, ahem).  I'm not that good at taking pictures of just typical daily life, especially when we're focused on something (seems like always).  With "school" it's especially easy to think it's not a good time to take photos, to feel too busy/distracted to bother, or more often just not think of it at all, although sometimes I wish I'd take the time to document the everyday more.

We weren't wrapping up our school year in May.  Maybe I've said this before here -- not sure -- but we school year-round anyway, taking breaks as needed, and incorporating school with life.  Learning is supposed to be part of life, right?  Anyway, we do often take it easier in the summer (at least after June, because it's just so busy), but this summer we plowed our way through as best we could because I wanted to get as much in as possible before our baby came (due in late August, born September).  With my anemia that didn't work out quite as well as I would have liked (does anything ever?), but we did okay. 

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  1. Phew--busy post! :) I imagine the bowling was great fun, and little Miss Liberty is for SURE lots of fun (and perhaps mama could have collapsed into those naps right alongside her!) And what a great idea to get a couple shots of nice, orderly children seated with bookwork! lol