Tuesday, June 7, 2011

March 2011 Photos (Through Peter's Birthday Celebration)

It's looking like the March photos will be best divided into at least two posts also. I'll try to get through Peter's birthday in this one.

Bethany and Zion play something they call "house thing."  They take little animals and pieces gathered from various playsets and pretend to have families, featuring children who do funny things they can laugh at. 

Our boy turned 9 in March.  Where did his baby cheeks go? And his teeth?

He requested waffles for breakfast -- yum!
Gathering around to see his present.  Legos, of course!
Random Tirzah shot.

He looks so meditative here.

Blew out the candles too quickly for me to get a shot!
And more Liberty:

She lined up the baby dolls at Grandma's and put them to bed.

She loves playing with Grandma.

Tirzah lined up the old dinos.  Most of those were Clint's and make me think of him.
Cora was Clint's, too.  She looks like she misses him too, doesn't she? 
This was supposed to be Cora's new bed, but she didn't care for it.  Liberty decided it made a nice place to play.

Liberty was climbing into the highchair here, but the photo didn't turn out that well.  The reason I included it was to point out the box of cards.  The top one of the two stacked together is stuffed full with at least most of the cards and letters people sent to my parents concerning Clint.  I don't know how many there are, but it's a whole lot.  I still haven't read quite all of them. 

Know what this reminds me of?  This, taken a few years ago:

Uncle Clint was such fun to play with. :)

It was Peter's birthday, but I'm pretty sure my parents were also thinking of other little boys they got Legos for, and I was thinking of watching Clint playing with Legos and Bionicles or whatever-they-were through the years... building, walking back and forth and telling all about them in his animated way, always in motion.  

But this isn't a missing Clint post.  It's just that going back to Dad and Mom's without him to ever be part of things, and seeing my son there at intervals like I saw Clint there... and Dylan too, who also isn't around there these days....  It's kind of "haunting," though that's really not the word I want.  There doesn't seem to be one I want, so that will have to do I guess.  I can understand why people got the idea of the dead literally haunting places from their pasts, though -- it's the memories that seem to at times, maybe.  But the memories are treasures, too, so the word "haunting" doesn't really seem to fit. 

Opening Legos.

Bethany at the piano.  This one reminds me of Mom's side of the family.  I don't think it's b/c she's playing the piano (there are piano players in more than just that branch of the family anyway), but something about her expression. 

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