Monday, June 6, 2011

Final February 2011 Photos

Just want to get these up -- even though it's already June!  Flashback to February, okay?

A few "daily life" shots:
What a face!

That's a calculator, not a phone. ;)

Group reading

Love that sweet Tirzah's smile. :)

Bethany's 11th birthday (!) went similarly to Zion's, with our gift and small family celebration in the morning, and then getting with grandparents later in the day.
Looks like Zion was asking a question. :) 

I'm sure I've said similar things before and likely will many more times, but it's still hard to believe our oldest is 11!

Random shot of Lovely Lady Liberty

Blowing out candles

That's a leash/harness for a rabbit.  It ended up being too big, but Grandma exchanged it for one that fits.  
I think this one is so cute. :)

The elephant wasn't part of the present, just something that was on the floor from previous play.  The black things in the blue boxes on the left are some toy horses -- they were the gift.  Here's a link to one of them, in case you have a horse lover who may be interested.  The older two girls each got a mother and baby horse and have been pleased with them.

Liberty enjoying the old Hungry, Hungry Hippos game.  She loves it.  I think maybe half of it still works correctly after all these years.  I looked on Amazon for a new version, thinking I might get one at some point, but was disappointed that the reviews indicate poor quality on the newer model. 
Peter reading to his sisters.   :) 

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