Wednesday, June 8, 2011

March 2011 Photos, Part 2

The rest of March starts with more around-the house shots.  John had a trip to Colorado in March.  He was gone close to a week.  We had homemade pizza night while he was gone, which we hadn't done for a little while:

Peter's smile, lol.

This girl has a talent for falling asleep in the highchair.

Mom came to visit one day while John was gone.  Bethany had dolled Liberty up, including making a little braid in her hair.  I had a time trying to get a good photo of it.

So busy!

John happened to call while Mom was there. 

Love these pictures of Mom reading with them.  She brought some of the children's favorite books from her house which they enjoy, some upon request I think.  These are some we don't happen to have -- Green Eggs and Ham, and The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room, for instance. 

We got to visit Granny twice in March.  Here they are smiling pretty for her:

Photos of Granny's grandkids, plus her father and stepmom/aunt (her mother died relatively young and her father remarried her aunt), and her sister's son (only nephew).

Bethany was pointing out something on the bird clock, which plays a different bird sound at each hour.  My grandparents collected the plates on the wall in their travels.

Tirzah in a dress I used to wear.

And a more natural pose. :)

They all had fun drawing on Granny's patio with chalk.

Grandma -- the children call her Granny -- she's their great-grandmother.
I think she was laughing at the children's antics.  I hope we didn't wear her out too much.

Running happily in Granny's nice, big yard.
We wanted another photo of that dress, but the light was too bright here.

That's better. :)

Photos didn't go quite as well at our second visit.  This was the best I got of the children all together on the "divan," as Grandma calls it.

For family shots I didn't get any wonderful ones, but included three to make up for it. :) 

Maybe it was too close to naptime. :)

Now the children with Granny (minus one -- she may have been napping by this time?). 
In preparing our house to sell, we needed to get rid of some stuff we didn't have room for.  Here the little ones are in front of the mattress they were born on (at home, obviously -- it was well-protected).
Zion was also born on this same mattress.  Our first two births were hospital births.  The children weren't happy about parting with the mattress (can you tell by the older children's looks in the photo?), but we just seriously didn't have room for it and it really didn't make my back feel very good anymore when I slept on it.  It was pretty old -- an older couple who lived next to us had given it to us early in our marriage when they got a new one.  We have photos to remember it by, which take up much less space.
Liberty standing with John for the bedtime prayer was just too cute to resist taking a photo of.  The rest of them were in their beds already.  We most often do some bedtime reading and a bedtime prayer with one of us standing or sitting in the hallway where all the rooms can hear.  It works pretty well for us at this point -- helps keep things a little more calm since they are already in their beds, except the youngest.  I usually read Liberty a book after that and then have her lie down in the living room where one or both of us usually are after the children are in bed.  I put on calming music for her, which really helps her settle down. 


  1. I am enjoying the "catching up" posts! That way when I see you (I hope sometime, somewhere) this summer I will recognize everyone. I think the most noticeable growing up is in Bethany, Peter, and Liberty. I do enjoy seeing pictures of your grandma too! I miss her.

  2. Glad I checked your blog! I see you are in the process of catching up on blogging like me, but you are 2 months ahead (give yourself a pat on the back) ;-). Enjoying your pictures and updates, and off to read your March Part 1.