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April 2011 Photos

Ahem, now that it's July...
I got all the April photos to share in one post!

This is the tent the congregation that meets at Murray Road (from which John is sent out as an evangelist) used for a booth for a local fair-type event, where they passed out literature and talked with people about the church.  This event didn't happen until the beginning of June, but John was in charge of getting things ready beforehand and needed to submit pictures of approximately what the booth would look like to those in charge of the event far in advance.  Bethany helped him set up the tent one day at the church building, and since the pictures were in here with the others I decided I'd share.  The real set-up was slightly different than this, but you get the general idea. 

In April we also tried this coffeecake recipe, and I thought at the time I might make a post about that, but clearly I'm not doing well with making lots of posts lately.  Here are photos of some of the taste-testers: 

Their smiles show that it was a hit!

Random photo of cute little girls running down the hallway.  Liberty is also wearing a dress I used to wear, and Tirzah's wearing the one from this other post.  Yes, my mom saved about everything. ;)

Peter and Zion enjoying Richard Scarry's What People Do Storybook.

We had a wedding at our house in April, too.  That was pretty exciting.  The bride and groom preferred that their photos not be shared online.  I don't think they'd probably mind their names being mentioned, but as at least one of them is maybe a bit shy, and since most of my readers who know them will know who they are anyway, I'll refrain from even that. 

But I thought I could share these of the children standing in front of the arrangement the groom lovingly prepared to surprise his bride-to-be.  He even arranged the flowers himself -- what a guy!  Do you see the Bibles on each side?  They had a long-distance relationship, and got identical Bibles they read together over the phone each night during their courtship.  So they put their Bibles one on each side as part of the decor.  This tells you just a bit of what a great couple this is. :)

We also got an ultrasound done in April.  What an exciting month!  It was pretty early on for 3D photos, but we wanted to do only one u/s and didn't want to wait.  Baby tends to look skinny and won't look so much like s/he will look later, though, just to inform you.  I've never yet given birth to a skinny baby, though. :)  On that note, here are a couple of the best pics we got:

The little guy/gal was not very cooperative when it came to letting us see his/her face.  See the fist up as though in defiance?  That was the last attempt.  :)

Little crossed feet, one of which is poking me.  I think this one is adorable and think of it sometimes as I feel those baby feet poking more and more frequently these days.

We're very thankful that the baby appeared healthy, and we're anticipating his/her arrival within several weeks, Lord willing.

Also in April, a bit of not-so-pleasant excitement came our way, though it could have been far worse.  Tirzah took a moving bike pedal (operated by her brother) in the eye as it brushed past her too closely one afternoon by accident.  She had quite a black eye, but while some of the eye itself appeared reddened a bit, we were just going to watch it until she started vomiting repeatedly, at which point we decided to go ahead and take her to be examined.  She got a scan and everything, and a follow-up visit from an eye doctor the next day.  It was quite the adventure, and I counted it as an impromptu field trip.  Tirzah checked out well, thought to have a mild concussion and some slight bruising to the eye itself, but that was all.  We were very thankful to hear that.

I decided I'd document the occasion later on.  I'm including the whole photo sequence because I just got a kick out of it. At first she wasn't excited about me taking a photo of how bad her eye looked:

Then I showed her that photo and it made her laugh, so I got a nice smile for the next one, but the flash made it look like there wasn't much there:

So we tried a couple others, which represent it at least a little better:

She already looked a lot better than she did at first, even by the time these were taken. I liked her expression in this last one.

And she continued to heal really well. It's amazing how quickly little ones can recover, isn't it?

Bethany took this photo. She doesn't spoil the cats around here at all. ;)

No, the toddler isn't for sale. We put our house on the market. I guess that's another exciting thing, but  it's not feeling that exciting, partly because not much is happening.  It's been a slow process, partly b/c of the economy, and partly because we haven't done much to speed it along due to having a lot of other things going on.   So unless something happens soon we'll probably still be here when Baby comes and beyond.

Documentation of violation of the furniture rules. I guess I'm an accomplice since I did nothing but take his photo and maybe give him a mild rebuke. :/

Yet another violator. I guess it's hard to have a nerf dart battle indoors without climbing furniture. Who knew?

She likes to take all the clothes off any baby doll she finds and then pretend to diaper it. Then she leaves the clothes, diapers and naked babies laying around the house.

I thought these two looked cute doing whatever they were doing here, Peter in his cap and all (he went a week or two where he wore that a lot).  I tried to snap a photo secretly but someone caught me. ;)

Another creative hairstyle by Bethany, ha.

And a creative use of pegs by Liberty.

Re-doing the hair after the crazy hairstyle.

We had our deck steps worked on (mostly redone).  They weren't in very good condition when we moved here and had only gotten worse in the time since. 

Deck without any steps at all temporarily.  My photos are so random, I neglected to include any "before" or "after" shots.  There's probably some kind of "before" shot somewhere, but maybe I can get an "after" shot sometime at least.

The children enjoyed watching the work.

In a perfect world my windows might not have all those smudges, but that's not where I live. 

The cat is a music critic.  Don't you see his condescending expression?

In more home improvement news, John rented a power washer to use on the house before painting it, and found that he enjoyed using it on other stuff too.  So, happily, the outdoor toys got a good cleaning.  :) 

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  1. Lots going on there!! Love the Bethany hairstyles. ;) Looking forward to seeing Baby Morris--not nearly so much as you are, I imagine! :) Hope you are feeling well.