Tuesday, January 19, 2010

November Photos

I'm hoping I can get all the November photos I want to share into one post.

Bethany has a pet rabbit, which I may not have mentioned on here before.

She bought her with her own money last year, and is responsible for taking care of her. Her name is Velvet, because that's how her fur feels. The girl who sold her to Bethany called her that, and Bethany thought it was a fitting name, so she kept it. She's a mini Rex.

Cheeky baby.

Cute from every angle. :)

She fell asleep with a spoon on a teethy day. She's been teething for a while. It hasn't been really pleasant, but she's got two new teeth to show for it so far. And I have a lot of missed sleep and a very behind blog, as well as other things. :)

Granny, who watched Velvet for us as an adventure during our trip to north Missouri.

Bethany and Velvet.

After our trip north, we passed sickness around and therefore missed Thanksgiving. Boo. This photo is of Peter and Zion, who were both feeling icky and just crashed on the couch.

Liberty loves writing utensils, probably because she sees us holding them frequently. She seems to want to figure out this writing thing. She also likes to chew on them. I let her explore a pen I thought was safe because it was closed, but she managed to mark on herself with it.


She's close to 6 months in this last one.


  1. Wow! She's Liberty is really growing! Love the picture of her with ink on her face. lol

  2. Oh yes, I have a strong desire to smooshy kiss Liberty's cheeks! I'll count on you to do that for me.