Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Few December Photos

I have a whole lot more photos from December than I had from November. While they'll probably take me a while to post, it's probably good that I have so many, because I have very few from January. I managed to leave my camera in my parents' van toward the beginning of the month and still haven't retrieved it.

So here are a few December pictures -- what I've been able to upload so far.

Tirzah with a couple creations she made.

Post-bath baby.

This is the baby who now has 5 teeth and counting, and to whom I've lost a whole lotta sleep and (other) work both. Good thing she's so cute. ;)

Don't give up on me if you're waiting for more thoughtful posts. I do still think -- just in snatches and with lots of interruptions much of the time. :)


  1. What? You get lots of thought interruptions? I can't imagine! Good to see the cute faces of the Morris household!

  2. Wow! Tirzah's block creations are really good. Lily's the same age, but doesn't make anything so detailed. :)

  3. I think Tirzah has learned a lot from watching and playing with the older ones -- especially Peter, who really likes blocks himself. The two of them often play together pretty well and she likes to imitate him.