Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here are some pictures from two weddings in the past few months. They are mostly pictures of our children, though. Sorry, but well, they are a big part of my 'focus' these days.

Here's what I've got to offer from Joel and Aubrey's big day in August:

Uncle Clint and his miniature version. I like these shots.

Clint was an usher. You'll notice a few other visitors in the background on these.

Doesn't seem like it's been so long ago that Clint was a ring bearer in our wedding, younger than Peter is in this picture. Amazing.

Tirzah was pretty busy.

Liberty was crashed.

Alex and Zion. "Hangin' round an ink well."

So much for pictures of the people in the wedding. :[ Most people who are interested have probably already seen photos others took, though.

Walking back to our van after the wedding to go to the reception, I walked behind and got a few photos.

I didn't get one of the whole bunch of littles standing together, so I tried to make up for it at Mark and Susan's wedding in September:

Peter cracks me up. This was before the wedding and his shirt is already untucked.

It's just so hard to stand still, it makes his nose itch. The girls are well-behaved...

But by the time Peter gives me a good smile some of them are getting tired. :)

Okay, pictures of the actual event. Let me just say that my camera has issues with the lighting at the Gregory church building, so it's predictably difficult to get anything decent there. Possibly I could learn something to help by reading the manual to the camera, but I always seem to have more pressing or interesting reading to do.


Granny (my grandma).

The girls sitting next to Granny.

Peter was the man and took the aisle seat in the folding chair.

I think Peter might have taken this photo and that's why it's at this angle, but I thought it was interesting. And hey, there's Wade!

Paul was taking pictures too.

Richard. I love this picture.

Singers: Gordon, Richard, Amanda and Janeane. If I'd just leaned a little more...

Here's a better shot of Gordon, but only Gordon.

I did try to take some pictures during the ceremony, but didn't have much success. I should have thought about being able to see well when I was considering where to sit. Instead I was thinking about things like not being a distraction if we had to get out for some reason. :) Distance + people's heads + aforementioned lighting challenge + distraction = 3 photos to share.


The couple saying their vows.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. :) Yay! (and there's Cherie, and John)

We're so happy for both Joel and Aubrey and Mark and Susan, and hope they can enjoy many years together if the world remains.


  1. Agreed--love the picture of Richard Riggins!

    The girls' dresses are beautiful, and I had to chuckle at Peter's untucked shirt. I've given up and Destry wears polos and we don't eve try to tuck them in! ha!

  2. Blake cannot seem to make it to the car with his shirt tucked in. I think those boys are just naturally averse to having their shirts tucked.

    Enjoyed all the pictures and commentary. We just spoke of your wedding this afternoon when Dad and I were trying to think of which evangelists we'd seen perform wedding ceremonies.

    Oh, I seem to have the same lighting/camera issues inside any church building. If I zoom in the picture is blurry and if I don't, well, then you can't see what I'm photographing.