Monday, November 2, 2009

Today Inspired Poetry

some days
gray spirit-clouds filter sunlight-

sudden soul-storm threatens-

obscures vision-
i cannot see the path-
grope to find You-

amidst chaos-



haven't i been here before?
dim memory marks the place-

yet i stumble-
not the first time-
oh that it were the last!

yet even now-
i can see, faintly-
ray of light reminds-
yes, even in this-

You are here-
with me-
with us-
watching with eagerness-
Spirit Father loving Your children-

waiting for each new step
in Your light-

encouraging growth
along the way-

the path we must learn to walk-
to You-
this i know-
gives hope-
gives purpose-
light in eyes
despite the clouds-
strength to try-


1 comment:

  1. hmmmmmmmm. . .
    my favorite part? 'not the first time-oh that it were the last!'

    Thanks for sharing.