Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Photos from September

These are around-the-house photos from September.

Wild woman. This girl has a head of hair.

I forget what she calls this doll. Some of her names are pretty funny. The best is "Awesome Baby" (I think it's been renamed to 'Tirzah' recently), but that's not this one. Actually, I think this doll isn't hers. Hopefully it was borrowed with permission from the owner.

Liberty gets the funniest looks on her face sometimes. Something about when Zion holds her?

She really does love Zion, though, and Zion is a very doting big sister who frequently asks to hold her and actually enjoys changing her diapers -- although that's become more challenging for her now that Liberty won't stay in one place for her!

Snuggly sling baby (yes, she's sucking her thumb).

Bethany took these. You can see the cat sitting by the door hoping to be let in.

More wild hair and sweet smiles.

Some close-ups of Liberty:

These were taken on the same day as the couch picture.

This picture sort of shows her "mohawk." She's had one for a while; we've joked that she's been right in style:

It wasn't as obvious when I took that picture as it was at one point. I didn't take a picture like this then, though, but you can still see it pretty well from the front in some of the earlier pictures. Now it's starting to disappear as her new hair is coming in more. It does still stick up straight down the middle sometimes.

More pink pictures. I didn't repost the sleeping one, even though it's my favorite. Blogger says I've already used up 11% of my photo space! Hmm, that could be bad.

Here are some pictures of some of the other children's play. This particular time they were pretending to be people from various countries on their own 'earths,' and giving speeches and such. Quite entertaining. It had been a while since I saw them do the speeches thing.

Tirzah looks to the others to see what to do. :) Yes, Peter is hard on his shirts...

This is how Zion spelled 'Germany' on her earth. ;)

Another sleeping picture of Tirzah. The book is one about London I picked up a few years ago at a local sale for hardly anything, on a whim, because the children liked Britain. It's been popular. She's also sporting her sister's sandals. ;)

More Liberty:

And another shot of Bethany, who loves to play pretend. Here she is dressed up playing wedding. Aw. Someday it might be for real... but I'm not ready to think about that yet!

Well, that was a lot of pictures! No wonder I'm using up so much space!

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  1. But when you have such good subjects, it's hard to resist. :) Fun pictures. I'm esp impressed that the children play different countries and give speeches. Wow! Guess they don't join most of the world in 'fear of public speaking' being one of the most common fears. :)