Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photos from Late July and Early August

In late July and early August there was a church meeting at John's home congregation that lasted two weeks. John was teaching during that time and was very busy, so we didn't get to socialize as much as we might have liked. We did get to keep some friends at our home for a few days, though, which was fun. Our children were thrilled, because they have 8 children fairly close them in age. I got some nice pictures of all the children together, but I'll refrain from posting them since I don't know how our friends would feel about it.

I will post a couple pictures from when they were here, however. They are of our Liberty and our friends' youngest boy sleeping next to each other in the crib. I do want to say that I am NOT a matchmaker for my children. I don't want create weird/embarrassing pressure situations for them. I know I wouldn't have appreciated that as a child. That said, we did think about the possibility that they could end up getting married someday. Regardless, this was super cute. They were almost like twins.

As for the rest of the meeting, I didn't get pictures. Boo.

Here are some more pictures of Liberty. She's around 2 months old in these:

Bethany went wild with Tirzah's hair one day in early August. Here are the results:

Look at all those barrettes! I'm amazed that she waited long enough for Bethany to do all this! Pretty funny-looking, but they had fun.

The same day, they were coloring with the new markers I got on sale during the back-to-school craze. We'd been in need of new markers for some time, as the supply of what they refer to as "inky" markers was very depleted. Yep, we did grocery shopping at the same time, and I still had some groceries to put away when I took this. Kinda fun that the 'Great Value' label prominent in the picture goes well with the markers deal, ha.

Peter wanted me to take a picture of his fireworks drawing so he could see if it looked realistic to him in the picture. So here it is. He puts quite a bit of effort into all those little dots.

Would have been nice to think of taking pictures of what everyone else was drawing too. You can kind of see Bethany's in the previous photo. Her drawings usually feature people or animals, as do Zion's.

Here's Tirzah, hairstyle and all, working on her own picture.

And finally, a few more pictures of Liberty at almost 2 and a half months.

"Why yes, this thumb is quite tasty."


  1. I just LOVE babies sucking their thumb! And the pics of the 'crazy hair' tickled me--sometimes I think *I* make Kiana's hair look like that! :D

  2. Oh, and Liberty and Mundan = too cute! :)