Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mid-July Photoshoot

This was another impromptu photo session. Yes, I'm almost 2 months behind on photos. Well, it could be worse. :)

"I'll just sit down here by this tree, Dad. I'm gettin' awfully big."

"Okay, this sitting up thing is more difficult and uncomfortable than I thought. Nevermind."

Look at that smile. :)

Liberty looks much more comfy in Bethany's lap.

They like to have their picture taken hanging from the tree.

Bethany wanted to help Tirzah but be hidden from view. It didn't quite work out that way. :)

Peter wanted me to take his picture while he stood near the curb. I did so, but didn't realize he wanted it taken without the zoom so that he could see what he would look like from far away. So we gave it another try:

Isn't he cute standing there so tiny and solemn for his experiment?

Bethany wanted me to take this one of her on the porch rail. They are fun, coming up with all these ideas. Next, all the girls were finding leaves and wanting their pictures taken with them.

So of course we had to do a group photo, and then Peter got in on it too.

This is Nero, one of our silly cats.

Yep, she's a thumb-sucker.

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  1. Your children really are so adorable and photogenic. I appreciate the way you let them be kids rather than pushing them to grown up issues and actions--it is evident in the pictures of your life.