Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Missouri State Fair - August 21

We went to the Missouri State Fair. It was an interesting experience, as I didn't recall having been to one before. I know, I know. What a city slicker. But having been there I can guess one reason why my parents didn't take me as a child -- it's a classic "tourist trap," as Dad would say. Totally outrageous prices. Well, it was a good opportunity for the children to learn about budgeting, anyway. Only so many tickets for rides... :)

Ready to go. They were very excited.

They loved the horses.

Bethany is especially fond of animals and seems perfectly comfortable around them.

Tirzah is the current front-seat occupant of the double stroller.

And Liberty rides in the back.

Each of the older three chose one ride. Tirzah was too small to ride, and seemed pretty happy sitting in the stroller anyway. Zion wanted to ride the carousel.

Bethany wanted to ride the roller coaster. I went with her. I don't know how long it had been since I rode one of those, but I'll be just fine if it's at least that long before I ride another one, ha. At least it didn't go upside down. I also rode the ferris wheel with Peter. We don't have any pictures of that -- couldn't really see us from below.

Lastly, they rode on this little alligator thing.

They looked so small.

We watched some of the horse judging for a while, but we had no clue what to look for to choose a winner.

Thought I should get a picture of a concession stand so I'd have at least something to show for how much money they got out of us. ;)

Coincidentally, I think this may be the same guy as in the picture above at the judging. He happened to be rigging up to show a six-horse team as we were getting ready to leave, so we watched them hook up and drive off.

It was a fun day. The children especially enjoyed it. We'd like to try to make it to the Iowa State Fair sometime. John went with his parents as a child. Apparently it's the best.

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  1. YES! The IA State Fair absolutely is the best! (spoken by a native of IA who has never attended the MO fair, lol). Looks like you all had a fun day, anyway! Warning: it's impossible to see all the IA fair in one day, so don't go with that unrealistic expectation! :)