Thursday, May 1, 2014

Raising Baby Chicks: 5 Weeks Old

They are a little past 5 weeks here.  These were taken 3/28/14.  They were outgrowing the backdrop I'd been using, and too busy to stay put in front of it.
Barred Rock
Barred Rock exploring an apple chunk.
Barred Rock

Bethany with Barred Rock.

Cinnamon Queen
Cinnamon Queen
Cinnamon Queen tail feathers.
Cinnamon Queen (with a little friend who is mostly off camera).

Cinnamon Queen up close.
Bethany tried to help me get her to cooperate better.  She wouldn't be still in a good pose.
So I took a bunch of photos, in attempt to get something.  They aren't so bad, I guess, but not great.

Silver-laced Wyandotte

Zion feeding Wyandotte, after the bird suddenly knocked the backdrop down completely.

For more about our chicken experience, follow this link, or click on the "CHICKENS" tab at the top of the page.

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