Saturday, March 22, 2014

Raising Baby Chicks: One Week Old

I'm going to deliberately flood you with chicken posts for a bit, because I still have hope of getting caught up.  As of this writing, they are over four weeks old.  I have a bunch more pictures, and I'd like the record to look back on our experience and how they've grown over time.

Technically they are a day past one week old in the following photos.  These were taken when they'd been with us for a week, on Feb 27, 2014. 

One of each breed -- front to back it's Barred Rock, Cinnamon Queen, and Silver-Laced Wyandotte.

These photos don't show their relative sizes very well because of the angle, but at this age the Cinnamon Queens were getting bigger than the others (and they are still the biggest at four weeks).  The Rocks were second, Wyandottes smallest -- and that's still the way they're growing.  It's interesting to me, because when they're full-grown those relative sizes may be reversed, if I understand correctly.

Whoops!  Lost one!  She hopped down.  Somehow they don't get the concept of posing for a picture.

Here you can see that they were getting more crowded in their first brooder.  See also how messy they are.  They fill their water with litter and refuse especially quickly it seems, and go to the bathroom everywhere without the slightest discrimination.  Messy, messy little creatures.

Three in a row again.  The Wyandotte likes to hide, I guess.

Roosting on the edge.  This was a favorite activity for some once they figured out how to do it.  That was fine, except for the pottying over the side onto the floor.  However, they would also sometimes get themselves out onto the floor by themselves when no one was in the bathroom.  Then they'd panic and give the cheep of distress so someone would come running to rescue them.  Silly babies.  So at this point we put a screen over them at night so they wouldn't get stranded and chilled while we slept.

Silver-Laced Wyandotte.  They feathered out a lot more in just a few days.  Just starting to show a bit of what their adult feathering will look like.

A bit of exploring.

Another one joined us... she probably hopped down from the rim of the brooder.


They are somewhat timid explorers, but also curious.

This is a better shot for seeing their relative sizes.

This is the one named Cinnamon (I know, the creativity is overwhelming), who was the most relaxed about being held.  Now there are some others who will relax like that, but most of them not quite so much. 

They loved to peck at that thermometer, we think because of the red.  They really like red, and would especially peck at the red dot at the bottom, or the Cardinal, when they could reach it.  Usually they'd cause it to fall off the wall.  That thermometer has since mysteriously disappeared.  We think it accidentally got thrown out with the litter, because once they really started scratching they'd always bury it.  Since we're putting the litter out in the garden and compost pile, the thermometer might show up there at some point this spring/summer. 

A bit of preening, perched on my foot.

This is the Wyandotte that got the nickname "Two Circles" because of the two circles on her forehead (we are so creative, aren't we? ;) ).  At four weeks old her circles have mostly disappeared, but she has lovely black-and-white striping at this point, which I hope to show you in a future post.

This one hopped up on my shoulder.  They seem to like to do that. 

For more about our chicken experience, follow this link, or click on the "CHICKENS" tab at the top of the page.

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