Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tirzah's Birthday 2013

I have some photos from Tirzah's small birthday celebration in October with just our family.  We haven't done anything more than that yet.  And I think these are about the last photos I've taken, because my camera is still out of service.  I've been busy and haven't done much about it.   It's looking like I'm going to have to purchase a new camera, which in one way is exciting, but in other ways not so much.  My daughter's camera isn't really a suitable long-term substitute, though, so I need to do something soon.   Some of the photos below were taken by Bethany, and some by myself.
This guest dressed a bit unusually... ;)

Abraham also kindly "helped" make the sweets.

The lovely lady of the day, dressed up the way she wanted, beneath the fancy décor her sisters prepared for her.


This is a "fruit lasagna." Some time ago, Tirzah said the only kind of lasagna she liked was fruit lasagna.  I asked her if she'd ever had it, and she said no, but she knew she would like it.  So I found and pinned this recipe. We finally tried it on her birthday.  We used whole wheat flour, made the pancakes from scratch, and used only pancakes and no waffles.  John and I liked it fairly well, but I think the children weren't that crazy about the sauce and most of them only thought it was okay, including Tirzah.

Liberty wanted to dress up for the event, too.

Guests on one side of the table.

Guests on the other side of the table.

And a bonus picture of that side of the table, in an attempt to get everyone looking at the camera.  Not quite.  The cardboard on the table was holding some garden produce, even though it just looks like we had a random cardboard box on the table.  Not that we might not do that too sometimes, ha.

Bethany captured these pretty pictures of twirling Liberty.

Peter studies while others party.  Ha, not always.  But sometimes.

Time for presents!

Small and simple presents on this day.  She was pleased with them, though.

The favorite may have been a package of balloons, which she generously shared with her siblings.  Much wild activity ensued.  Shortly after we thought better of our decision to give such a riot-inducing gift, almost all the balloons had been accidentally popped (Abraham was purposefully destructive).  Parental nerves slowly recovered.  Bethany, who is currently sitting next to me, says, "while melancholy settled over the children." :) 

Dad and his littlest buddy.

Another balloon photo.

Close-up of the decorations.

 Lovely girl.

"The sixth one's name was Abraham." 

Time for cupcakes!

And one last photo of the birthday girl.  How time has flown since that stormy night seven years ago when she was born!  She is such a blessing, and a precious part of our family.  We love her very much.


  1. Yes, she is lovely indeed. I'm glad she had such a happy birthday. And seeing pictures of Abraham's outfit and chocolate hand made me grin. Aren't two-year-old boys, ummm. . . FUN?! ;) Seeing all fun and joyful pictures of everyone makes me eagerly anticipate seeing you all soon!

    1. Thanks. Yes, 2 year olds are fun... and other things, too. :) Remind you of another little 2 you knew? ;) I'm looking forward to seeing you all soon, too!