Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Liberty and Babies

Liberty was chatty today to me about babies.  She *adores* babies.  I may not have quite everything here, or in the right order, but here's the gist of what she said to me.  I wrote it down shortly afterward.  We'd had some brief conversation at some of the ellipses between portions.  Enjoy.

"When I get married, I'll have a baby... and I'll come over to your house... I'll have a girl baby, I think... and I'll go over to James and Shela's house too, maybe... I hope I don't get a naughty baby..."  

Later on, I went in my office to discover two baby dolls that she had put to sleep under the table.  She came in and greeted me with her tender tiny voice and then pointed them out to me.  I said that I'd noticed them there, and they were very sweet.  I asked their names, and this time she said they were Sannie and Mellie. 

Here is a fairly recent photo of her caring for the baby she called Sannie today.  I wonder if the name will last.

Here she is with her baby brother, of whom she is also quite fond, just after he got a haircut recently.  See her adoring eyes and smile?  No, they aren't always so pleasant with each other.  But when they are, it's precious. :)



  1. Awww, isn't that precious?? Kiana has really been into playing mommy lately too. In fact, I've been relegated to "grandma" status and am requested to babysit while she goes outside to ride her bike or scooter. ;) I have a similar post in my drafts folder on my blog. It features a darling picture of her with a baby in a sling, a diaper bag on one shoulder, and her purse on the other. chuckle

    1. Aw, so sweet. Did I miss that post, or have you not made it yet? ;)

    2. Ahem. That would be "B", not posted yet. :)