Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Not Back-to-School Photos 2013-2014

It's time for Not Back-to-School photos!  I always think taking staged photos won't be that hard... until I start doing it.  I'm going to post them in youngest-to-oldest order.  Abraham was not very cooperative, and as I was working with him toward the end of the session (he was asleep early in the shoot or I probably would have done his first) I just gave up without getting much.  Below are the best two photos I got.
The boy did not get the concept of staying still...

...and did not want to let go of this tie of his daddy's.  Zion is behind him here.  She tried to help me with him while I held the camera and looked for anything likely.  She had no success getting him to let go of the tie. 

Liberty did far better.  She may be my best smiler "on demand" of any of my kiddos.

 The second one blurred as the camera and she both moved when I took it, nearly cutting her head off... but it's still so cute!  

 Tirzah wrote her own sign.  That's age 6, not grade 6.  She's not growing that fast!
Zion made her own colorful sign.  
I let the girls choose their own outfits.  Both the boys needed help, ha -- Peter wanted to wear a dirty shirt. ;)  No interest in doing his own sign, either.

Bethany also had a colorful sign of her own making.

And now here are some extras without signs that I liked, some posed and some not:




I was going to do a group photo but ran out of room and my people were tired of it anyway.  We can try again later perhaps... Abraham has sure grown since last year, and others have too, but not as obviously (not all pictured there -- I did eventually get pics of all of them, but it was much later and I didn't post them). 

I'm pretty fond of all of these students.  Precious as can be.  I am so blessed to have them, and to be able to stay home with them and teach them.

You might also enjoy seeing our other Not Back-to-School posts about curriculum and our new school room.  I'd also like to participate in the Day-in-the-Life hop next week... but we'll have to see if I can swing it b/c it might be a crazy week.  Wait, what am I talking about, my life is crazy.  So, uh, we'll see... :)  

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  1. These pictures were so precious I was almost overwhelmed by them!! Love you guys!! - Alena

  2. Very sweet family! Your loving efforts will not go unrewarded.. they will live on as fruits in the lives of all of your beautiful children.

  3. God bless you, Amber and John, for the fine husbandry with your little olive plants. God is being glorified and you are laying up treasures in Heaven with this most important eternal work. I love you all :-) Tom Woody

    1. Thank you, Tom. We love you and your whole family, too, and appreciate your good example of parenting.

  4. Adorable students!!!

    Popping in from the blog hop.

  5. Lovely pictures of lovely children! They are indeed precious.

  6. Lovely pictures of lovely children! They are indeed precious.

  7. Your children are beautiful and are blessed to have such a loving and devoted mother and father. God bless you and your works are already bearing good fruit! Love you all.