Saturday, August 10, 2013

New Blog Name and Address!

Things have been pretty quiet here while we've been getting settled in our new (to us) house, but maybe some of you have noticed that my blog has a new "home" as well, with a new name.  The name is Large Family Learning.  The new address is  I may be working at some virtual "settling in" for a while, too, but that's where it's heading.

In addition to settling in, our family has been gardening some, and enjoying summer.  We also took a short trip to the Ozarks, where my husband taught at a family church camp.  And the last couple weeks, we've had some good friends as guests and attended some of a special two-week church conference-type event locally, where my husband taught a bit as well. 

Then there's school.  The children and I have been working hard to get our school to where I want it to be by fall, because the moving process threw off my neat little plans for the school year.  We've made a lot of progress, and I'm pleased with where the children are for the most part.  We're not letting up yet, though.

As for myself, I have to admit I've been feeling frazzled.  I may have been pre-reading, ordering, evaluating, organizing, and otherwise thinking about books and other school-related things a bit too much....  I'm hoping that what I'm doing now will help me be a little more relaxed by the time fall gets here. 

My camera broke recently.  Very sad.  But here are a few photos from this summer before that happened:
Abraham with a turtle Zion found in the Ozark mountains and kept briefly to observe.  

 Flower arrangement made by the older girls, again in the lovely Ozark mountains.

 The heron who visits our pond early in the morning.  A rather shadowy photo taken that early, with the zoom b/c he/she doesn't like me to get too close.

A few of the books we've been reading (not much of the dictionary, ha -- that was just in the stack b/c I'd been looking up words from some of the others).  Lots of English literature -- but I liked how "God bless America" happened to be in the box in the background.

Lovely Lady Liberty, with a doll I played with at her age.


  1. Nice to see a new post, and a new blog title. But I do miss the photo banner at the top; that was really nice on the other site. I love the photo of Abraham, and can imagine him conversing about it. :) Liberty has such a darling smile!

    1. Thanks! I do hope to put up a banner of some kind eventually.

  2. We had such a great time enjoying your hospitality. You are so blessed with your new home and we are incredibly happy for you.

    I'm looking forward to reading more posts on your new blog. ;)

    1. We really enjoyed your company as well. Yes, God has blessed us abundantly... even if we are far out. ;)

      Ha, yeah, maybe I'll somehow post more regularly just due to the name change. :)