Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life at the Pond! (Nature Study: Pied-Billed Grebe)

Good morning!

I'm just putting up this picture of a little bird on our new pond (did I mention our new place has a pond?), and a little more info about it.  I finally identified it after much searching as a pied-billed grebe.  Here are some more links from around the web for information:
I'm a bit surprised at how interesting the pond is so far. There aren't any trees around it yet so it's rather plain-looking, although lovely in its own way.  I was rather indifferent to it at first overall, and as a mother of young children even a little concerned about keeping the little ones away from it before they know enough about swimming (I'm still concerned about that some).  But it's been so much fun already to just look out and see what's there -- we've had a heron visit, another long-legged bird I've yet to ID, Canadian geese, and these little grebes.  There are also frogs and turtles, and the children have found numerous snail shells on the shore (just one live one).  It's also fun to go walk around, although I've only done it a couple times because I've been so busy with moving-related things.  The older children have had more time to explore it when they didn't need to be helping with something.  

Already the space both on the land and in the new home has been so nice.  We are so very blessed and thankful. 

Now I must get back to packing.  :)

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