Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I caught my baby-man playing with a nightgown of mine that he'd dragged out of the laundry room where it was waiting to be washed.  First, he melted my heart by snuggling up with it and trying to wrap it around him.  Since it was mine, and not his daddy's dress pants or someone's dirty socks, I imagined that he was snuggling it because he's so fond of me.  Shh, don't remind me that he doesn't really discriminate when raiding the laundry room, or that any article of clothing suits his typical game of dragging an item several feet or rooms away and randomly dropping it, going back for another if he doesn't get distracted by something else along the way!

Then he started this, playing quietly by himself:

One of those super-sweet moments I treasure!


  1. Awwww, that's just sweetness right there!! (And that shirt looks familiar, reminding me I need to go through Tyrell's clothes and perhaps bring the smaller ones your way??)

  2. Love his curly hair and little babyman muscles! That is sweet, thanks for sharing. :)