Friday, April 13, 2012

Worldwide Cultural Exchange

We are excited to be participating in a Worldwide Cultural Exchange coordinated by Little Red Farm.  I thought I'd share here because some of my friends might want to participate in something like this. Thank you to delivering grace for introducing me to the exchange.

We are to exchange with people from Indonesia, Canada, England and India.  How cool is that? :)

One of our exchange families has a blog, which makes it that much more fun.  Especially since the blog talks a lot about the place they live, Indonesia.   

All this got me to thinking that my blog could do more to tell about our culture and part of the world.  It's also part of what prompted me to go ahead and make the "Our Life" page for our family posts, which I'd been thinking about for a while.  I have more posts I could make about places we've visited (whether I'll get to them or not is another matter), but often I don't even think about things that others from another part of the world might appreciate knowing about just everyday life around here.  So that's been fun to consider. 

Even something as seemingly mundane as a box of crackers can become interesting when you're talking about another country. Case in point:

This is a box of Digestives that my husband picked up at a local store, but he'd never seen them in the States until recently.  Years ago, he had them when he was in the country of Ghana, in Africa.  So of course he was surprised when he saw them here, and purchased some to share with our family.  They were pretty good. 

We've been developing a list of ideas for things to put in our packages to send.  It's about time to start gathering the items.  How fun!


  1. I hear time after time from participants that it is this kind of thing that they like the most. Sending a free leaflet from your supermarket is a great way to show the popular foods from a country and great fun to compare prices too.
    Oh and for me the only kind of digestives are the chocolate covered ones!
    Thanks for taking part

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Rachael! We'll have to remember to send along some ads.

      I wasn't even aware that there are chocolate covered digestives, but they sound tasty!