Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Page -- Our Life

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I made a new page called "Our Life" where I am putting up links to previous posts about our family life and our photos. 

I've been increasingly frustrated with my inability to keep up with those posts at all, let alone do that and also post in any other area.  When I want to post something that happened more recently, but I'm not caught up on other photos, they get all jumbled up, which probably annoys me more than it annoys you.  But it does annoy me. 

Especially when I want to reference a post from the past, or the children ask to see one, and it takes a long time to find it in the archives because the post about it is far removed from when it actually happened. 

In theory, this new page will allow me to make posts about family happenings either recently or as far back as I want to at any time, while still keeping a chronological record of when they happened.

Not that I'm promising more frequent family photo posts.  You know me better than that by now.  But if I ever do post them, they will be organized.  :)

And no, I'm not at all this organized in real life.  You can tell from my photos.  But I wish I were.  At least sort of.  Obviously not enough to make it happen.

All comments containing the words "Type A," "control freak," "OCD," or "bizarre" will be deleted.  Or alphabetized. ;)

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