Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photos January 2011 -- Mostly Liberty

I didn't do a whole lot of photo taking in January, I realized after the fact.  But I do have some random ones to share, aside from the couple that are in a previous post
These first few speak for themselves.

She's a pretty cute little book lover.  Nevermind that she's supposed to be resting in the two above. :-/

Peter is reading Treasure Island here, currently one of his favorite books.  You might not be able to tell that the book Liberty is holding upside down is A Day in the Life of a Museum Curator.  That book has somehow made it into a lot of our photos.  I have no idea why.  I haven't noticed it being more frequently read than other books, so I guess it's just one of those odd coincidences.  I'll include a couple older photos at the end of this post that contain that book, and I have another post I want to make later that also features it.

Bethany with Tiberius.  She likes to baby the cats.  Looks like he really appreciates it, huh? ;)

Below are photos of my brother Clint reading to the children years ago.  I treasure them.  He was a wonderful uncle and loved all the children so much.  Note the Museum Curator book. :)


  1. I love every one of these pictures. Liberty has really grown since I saw her last! What a cutie--I love the way her personality shines out of her eyes. Isn't it rewarding to see your children loving books??? And I'm still mulling over the previous post about atmosphere and will try to come back and comment later. I read Sonya Shafer's book in the van yesterday and it was a great review and motivator for this stage of the school year!

  2. books, books, books.
    yay books!! :)

  3. @Shonya -- Thanks. Yeah, she's getting so big! She does "talk with her eyes" -- I love it too. And yes, I'm very pleased that they love books.

    Ha, comment at your leisure on anything -- you know I do! Glad you liked Sonya Shafer's book.