Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Photos February 2011

These are some photos from February I wanted to share in addition to the ones posted at this link.

This can still be seen outside Peter's bedroom door.

Bethany has been interested in drawing dragons a lot recently (not really sure why but I wonder if it has something to do with her missing her uncle -- he liked dragons a lot, especially when he was younger -- also could have been inspired by mideval reading and drawings she's seen, though).  She wanted to put one up in her room.  Some of them looked a bit scary to me, and I told her I didn't want anything scary put up.  She then drew this one and made sure I knew it was friendly. :) 

Cat sleeping on Bethany's bed. :-/

Two sweet girls.

Three sweet girls!  Yes, Tirzah liked to go around wearing her snowsuit for a while.  Not sure where Zion was here.

Yes, she's in THAT phase.  Still. :) 

A serious photo of Zion the night before her birthday, still a six year old.  She wanted me to take it without her smiling.

Bethany was very smiley and wanted a photo taken with the cat, however.

Zion was feeling much more smiley the next morning, when the birthday celebrations began.  She has the first birthday of the year in our family, followed pretty closely by Bethany and then Peter.

That's the highchair my brothers and I sat in when we were babies.  All my children have sat in it visiting Grandpa and Grandma.

One of her gifts had some bubbly wrap in it and she immediately ran over to the tile floor and started jumping on it enthusiastically! 

I'm getting a collection of pictures of these two talking together.  I'm glad they enjoy each other's company. :)

The children enjoy playing with some of our old toys at Grandpa and Grandma's.  This dino was mine or Dylan's, from an old Happy Meal or something perhaps, but most of the dinosaurs were Clint's.

Tirzah with some of the old games.  Lots of nostalgia there. 

There's sweet Tirzah, back at home with one of the cats.  Notice how he hogs the chair.  Spoiled silly.  He doesn't know that when we move he'll be spending a lot more time outdoors once again, since we'll be out of this town where the animal patrol is a little overzealous.  Yay!!  I am extremely tired of having these cats in the house so much.   Oh, and the rabbit is going to be relocated too.  Double yay!!

I have more photos from February, but they are still on the camera. 


  1. How fun to see all the pictures! Hope y'all are having fun with the birthdays around your house. Love the contrast between the serious photo and the smiling photo!

  2. What fun pictures! You have a nice string of birthdays going for awhile.

    I think my favorite picture is the one with 3/4 of your girls in it. So sweet to see the sisters together. I think I have an extra soft spot for sisters since I don't have any of my own. Glad you are getting to experience sisterhood through motherhood.

    And are you guys planning to move soon? You wrote something about "when we move..." Did I miss something?

  3. @Shonya: Yes, we had lots of fun with birthdays!

    @Kelly: Yeah, we do have quite a string. I feel a bit sorry for Tirzah right now b/c she's not part of it and doesn't quite grasp how long it is to wait until autumn for her birthday! Later she'll have Liberty and this new one to wait w/her, Lord willing (although she's still last in the year), but right now she's the only one of those three who is clued in to the birthday excitement. So for now she's learning patience. :)

    It's interesting to me to see these girls growing up together. Lots of giggling! And they might all be more girly than I ever was (which wouldn't take much), so that should be really interesting especially as they get older. I'm not sure what God was thinking giving me 4 girls. I would have thought I'd do better with a bunch of boys since I was more used to that growing up. But they sure are sweet, and I'm pretty fond of each one of them. And I'm learning a lot. Maybe that's the point. :)

    We are hoping to move, yes, although it seems to be taking forever to get much done in that direction with all the other things going on. Slowly making progress, I think. We're planning on sticking around this area at this point but are feeling a bit cramped in our current house.