Monday, January 24, 2011

Top 10 In 2010 (Plus a Few)

These are the Mommy Earth posts that got the most visits in 2010, according to Google Analytics.  I'm late with this, but I enjoyed some lists others did like this, and also thought it would be nice to look back at.  This list does not include the main page or the tabs above, which each also got a lot of hits, but which I'm not counting as "posts":

1.  Nature Study: Wild Berries and More 
2.  Nature Study:  Black Swallowtail
3.  Book Review:  Burgess Animal Book for Children
4.  Book Review:  Rikki Tikki Tavi and I'm a Wimp
5.  Plaza III Soup
6.  One Month
7.  Update
8.  In Search Of Lost Time
9.  Hast Thou No Scar?
10.  Two Months

It was kind of dominated late in the year by posts related to my brother's death.  Fitting, since my life after he died was pretty dominated by that too. 

I also went back through and looked at the posts from 2010, and even some before that.  And I want to share a link to one of my other personal favorite posts, the thoughts from which I need to remember better still, even after all that's happened in the past year:

I need to make more photo posts of the children, or at least be better at getting photos organized some way.  I really enjoy looking back at those posts, but actually doing them on a blog I can find kind of annoying.  Uploading the photos and then trying to arrange them correctly can be frustrating to me.  Plus, sometimes when I go back and look at them here the photos and text are all garbled up together -- found a few like that in going back through, which bugs me.  I know there's a way to eliminate that but I seem to not have it mastered yet (tips welcome, you expert bloggers out there!).  I don't like technical difficulties, and they are easier to avoid without pictures.  But it's true, pictures are fun, especially of the children, and especially to go back through and reminisce.  "Aw, look how different they looked!"  "She had so little hair!"  And they are just so super cute!!  :)

Here are a couple posts from the past that have some threads of familiarity to my life at the moment, although there are some definite differences too:

I should probably review that second one in more detail and see if I can learn something from myself, ha. At a glance I'm reminded that I did not post about personalized notebooks yet.  Sigh.  I hope no one's been waiting all this time. ;)  They weren't a big deal anyway, just something that helped me.  We do still have them but they are probably even less interesting than they used to be.  They are on my list of things to post about someday, but you never can tell when I'll get around to it. :-/


  1. What a great idea and fun to reminisce! I particularly enjoyed the visit back to Life Remembered. I have no idea how you compiled this fun analysis, but it's a good idea. And my only tip for pictures is to load them in the REVERSE order of how you want them to appear--those loaded last will be at the top of the post. (frustrating!!!) ;)

  2. Google Analytics. When you are at your Blogger dashboard, if you click on the link at the top that says "My Account," you should see a link that says "Analytics" somewhere on the page. There are all kinds of stats there. There's a "Content" section where you should be able to see how many pageviews per page, and you can even select a date range. It's interesting.

    Yeah, it seems like I figured that out about the pics at some point. It's been so long since I uploaded many photos that I might have had to relearn it though, so thanks. Very odd feature.