Monday, December 7, 2009


Note 3/2014:  This page is sorely out-of-date.  It's on my mental to-do list... but unfortunately, not close to the top.  Age everything mentioned by about 5 years... how time flies!!

Before anything else, I'm a child of God, who made me and loves me and saved me from my sins. I am a servant of Jesus Christ. I want my life to glorify and serve Him, because He is the reason I live.

I'm also a wife, to an amazing man named John. We've been married for twelve and a half years. He works for the church, being sent out as an evangelist from a church of Christ in Missouri.

We have been blessed with five precious children -- four girls and a boy: Bethany (9), Peter (7), Zion (5), Tirzah (3), and Liberty (6 months).

I am a keeper at home, and teach our children at home in an eclectic style, with strong Charlotte Mason leanings. I'm learning a lot, both through homeschooling and also through living and learning for my own and my family's benefit (hopefully) in many areas. It's a very challenging but also immensely rewarding life, and I'm so thankful I've been blessed to be able to serve my family and the Lord in this way.

For family photos, follow this link or just go to the main page and look around. Most of my posts with photos have at least some member of the family pictured.

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  1. I love the new layout! Your organization is admirable, and I think it will make it easier for you to blog in the future.

    I've enjoyed going through your sections so far. The book reviews are a great tool, and I liked reading your thoughts on them. I also liked reading your homemaking introduction again. It seems to glorify God in the way you describe his plan for women, and I hope your daughters and other young women are encouraged by what you have written and will write.