Monday, November 9, 2009

Imaginary Museum

The children created a museum from the Peter Earth in September, as part of their play. I thought it was very creative and showed some of the things they've been learning. Bethany and Peter are going to help me describe the photos because I've forgotten what some of them were. I'll put their remarks in quotes.

"This is what it looked like when you came in." Sorry this picture is dark.

"This is a live bird in a cage." Pretending, of course.

"This is what an army might have looked like in the early 1300's."

"Beautiful and valuable pieces of cloth, shells and felt, which archaeologists have dug up."

"These are ancient models of ships that might have been used in sea wars."

"This is what a T-Rex dinosaur might have looked like."

"This is a map showing the Peter Earth, and presidents from the Peter Earth."

"And last of all, and most amazing, are these things showing what people might have been like in size compared to animals before the flood." So there was a flood on the Peter Earth, too. How interesting.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I sure did. :)


  1. Looks like they put a lot of work (and thought!) into their museum! This is very nice... and fun! :-)

  2. How creative! What a nice way to review their lessons. :)