Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Visit With Grandparents -- Late September

We were blessed to spend some time at my parents' house twice in September. Here are some more pictures from late in the month.

We had a picnic. These apples were a nice festive touch!

Tirzah, Bethany and Peter -- focused on the ice cream. You can tell by Peter's position how much sugar he needed, ha.

Happy girl post-ice cream.

Running girls.

Liberty in a dress first worn by Bethany.

Baby Blue.

My man on his birthday weekend. :)

Tirzah and Zion, heading to see the neighbors' sheep.


Zion explored the pond by herself while the rest of us were closer to the creek. I kept an eye on her from a distance and took these. Love the zoom function. ;)

Grandpa (sporting a shirt made for a church function of a group he works with in Lone Jack) examining nature finds.

Discovering wild turkey feathers!

And a snail! (And really dirty fingernails!) Don't know what kind. I had trouble finding info and gave up for the time being. If you know, please tell!

These last couple pictures blurred in the waning light. I thought the effect was kinda cool on this photo in the woods, though.

I started out identifying this as some kind of crab spider on some kind of wildflower, but I decided to look into it further. I'm glad I did. I'm sort of getting into identifying things. The Internet makes it soooo much easier! So now we know this is probably one of a few types of flower spiders (which are crab spiders) -- too blurry to narrow it down -- on a Tickseed Sunflower. I really like the site where I was able to identify the Tickseed Sunflower. It has pictures of Missouri Wildflowers organized by color. I have a feeling I'm going to be using that site more in the near future.

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  1. Good pics! You inspire me to do better at identifying things. I'm so lazy about it. If I don't get it in the first field guide, I don't care anymore. :( I'll try to do better!