Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Peter's Energy

Peter, speaking to Mom regarding his writing assignment: "Although I have a lot of energy, it's energy for my legs, not energy for my hands!"

So I have two children so far who aren't that fond of writing. :[ Well, I never really liked the copywork phase myself. In fact, one of the few times I got in trouble in grade school was when I asked my teacher if I HAD to do a copy page of cursive d's. So I suppose I empathize, maybe too much.

Peter IS fond of math, however. He spends his free time thinking about numbers quite often. It's amusing, and I wonder what he'll do with this interest if it continues as he gets older. Another conversation we had recently:

Peter: Are there 200 5's in 1000?
Mom (thinking for a moment, both about the answer and also about the fact she's pretty sure she never cared about such things as a 6 year-old -- or ever, for that matter): Um... yeah, I guess so.
Peter (smiling with pleasure): It would take a long time to count to 1000 by 5's!


  1. Love the way kids' minds work! Sounds like you have a little mathematician on your hands! Hope you're still feeling well. Are you planning to come up with John in about 10 days? You are welcome, if you'd like to come! :)

  2. We haven't really talked about it yet, but I'm thinking I might try if it works out okay for John. Thanks for the invite.

    John left for CO this morning and will be there all next week. The day he's to be at your place is Zion's birthday so I thought she might enjoy the trip if we can make it too. That way I can get in one more time before I become too miserably fat! I think I'm well enough not to puke on the way this time, ha. I've been feeling pretty well overall, thanks.