Friday, January 23, 2009


Tirzah has quite a fascination with all the goings-on in the kitchen lately. When anything is cooking, she's likely to either ask, "Is ready?" (Is it ready?) or declare, "Is ready!" (It's ready!) very enthusiastically. The other day I'd cooked some beans, and it was my intention to use part of them in a recipe and save the other part for later. I put the part I was saving in a jar and set it on the counter so this portion could continue to cool before putting it in the refrigerator. Tirzah was doing something else while I was engaged in this dividing of the beans. She came into the kitchen a little while later, though, and after looking around said to me, "De beans, dey ready, Mama!" and then something about "gas." I was in the laundry area adjacent to the kitchen and didn't hear her properly on that last part except the word "gas." I thought to myself, "Who told her anything about beans and gas?" Then I looked into the kitchen and realized she was pointing to the portion of beans in the jar, and telling me they were in a GLASS, in her toddler-speak. I love this age of acquiring speech -- so entertaining!

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