Saturday, November 1, 2014

2014-2015 Not Back-to-School Photos

Well, now that it's November, I guess it's finally time to get back to school...

Joking. :) The children have been working hard for quite some time.  I took "not" back-to-school photos a while ago, but hadn't gotten around to posting them.  Our first "official" week of school started September 14. (But that's a Sunday, you say?  Exactly.  They learn on Sundays, too -- very important things, in fact.  But the more traditional school work didn't start until the following day.)  Due to Justice's mid-August birth we delayed our start time this year.  The photos were taken near the end of September.

I have other photos without the signs showing their ages, but I limited this post to only the ones with signs to reduce its length.  I got more "sign shots" with some students than others.

Perhaps I'll post other pictures later... but at my current rate of posting, there are no guarantees. Between one little boy who doesn't settle down easily at night, and another who is an early-morning riser, these precious blessings are stretching me these days.  Many times that might otherwise seem good for blogging now and then are spent discussing heavy machinery with a 3 year old or caring for a fussy baby.  It's a season that will seem to have passed oh, so quickly when I look back. These photos serve as evidence of that, as I see how much my older ones have grown from previous years.

That the Lord has blessed us with all these beautiful children fills me with awe.  They are amazing.  God is truly an incredible Creator and deserves our praise. 

We have a new student this year. :)

He had a rash for a while that we thought was heat rash.  We finally upped the a/c because we felt sorry for him, and it improved, but part of it did linger and came back now and then, though it's finally all gone now and his cheeks are back to smooth baby softness.  He may have sensitive skin.

Abraham had a little trouble smiling on request...

 ...but he was still cute.

Telling me something about the sign.

I finally resorted to bribery.  I told him he could have a Starburst if he could smile nicely for pictures. I promised them to the older ones, too, but he was why.

Funny boy.  

Liberty did pretty well.

Topaz the cat joined her...

 ...and seemed to be posing for this shot.

Cheese!  Cutie pie.

Here's Tirzah, who was still 7.  Now she is 8, after having a birthday in October.

Turning into a lovely young lady.

Speaking of lovely young ladies, I'm blessed to have the company of two others...

...and a handsome young gentleman as well.

Here is the last lovely young lady, Bethany, who is really the first.

My babies are growing up!