Sunday, April 27, 2014

Polar Graphing

This is a bookmark I don't want to lose track of, but which I can't pin since it's a pdf.  It's polar graph paper.  I know, fascinating, right? ;)

So, if you happen to have a need for this, you're welcome. :)  If not, ignore it as just for me.  Or rather, for my son and resident mathematician.

This isn't quite what the pdf printable looks like, but I just wanted an image so that *now* I can pin it, like I was able to pin the other graph paper I've used before.  The above image is from Wikipedia.  If you should happen to want more info on polar coordinates, you can see the article it came from here.  And, if you'd like, you can also visit my Math board on Pinterest, where I keep track of stuff like this.

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