Monday, March 24, 2014

Raising Baby Chicks: 2 Weeks Old (Part 2... Which is a Bit Ridiculous)

These were taken the same day as the ones in the previous post.  I found some more batteries for the camera!  The chicks are about 2 weeks old in these photos.
Cinnamon Queen and Barred Rock.

Taking a look around them (and leaving me a gift).  They'd never been in this room.  I only had them here because the light was better as it was getting later in the day.  In spite of how it might look in these pics, they aren't allowed to "free range" in the house by any means.  Their "gifts" (which will be great for the garden, but aren't really appreciated much elsewhere) are the biggest reason why.

Peter w/a Cinnamon Queen.

Miss Liberty. 

Showing a Wyandotte wing.

Zion w/a Barred Rock.

Peter looks like my brother Clint in this one to me.

This was kind of funny.  The main reason I really wanted to get more photos than I'd already gotten on this day was that I'd noticed I somehow didn't have any pictures of Liberty by herself with one, and I wanted to get one while they were still small.  It turns out that the reason I didn't have any may have been that she was a bit hesitant about holding them.  She started out with a great attitude and that wonderful smile of hers.
But it quickly became apparent that she was a little nervous.  Why?  She was concerned (and justifiably so) that it would go potty on her.

When it sat down, she was sure it was going to go.  "Can you get it off me now?" she asked.  I assured her that it was just relaxing and I'd get it off in just a little bit, and she waited patiently.

But she was ready to be done.

The bird was just snuggling down, though, and thankfully it was a no-mess experience for Liberty.  It might have helped her be more comfortable with them later. 

Tirzah, on the other hand, is perfectly comfortable handling them. 

No, she's not holding a chicken here, just smiling sweetly. :)  And, I just noticed that she'd apparently made a quick headband change in the small time elapsed since the last photo of her was taken.  I wonder if she just found it, or what.  Ha.  Funny what I notice going back through pictures that I was too occupied to notice while taking them.

Liberty wasn't sure about one being on her arm, either.  I'm not sure if this was something she asked for and then didn't like too well, or if it was Peter's or another sibling's idea.

Bethany w/a Barred Rock.

Liberty looks like she's still not sure about them, ha.

Aw, relaxing...

Now, get ready.  Here's where it starts to get a little ridiculous:

 The girls had the idea to let them explore the dollhouse.

 A Wyandotte examines herself in the mirror.

 Little do the Loving Family/Playmobil people suspect, that upstairs...

...giant birds are invading their house!

Hopping on their beds!  Playing with their toy trucks!

And generally standing around looking funny. :)

"Shh... Honey... I don't mean to alarm you... and don't make any sudden movements... but... I think there's a giant bird in here!"

For more about our chicken experience, follow this link, or click on the "CHICKENS" tab at the top of the page.

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  1. Chuckle. While I'm not a huge bird person myself, it IS cute to enjoy the children enjoying them.

    My favorite part, of course, is the giant birds invading the dollhouse. It reminds me of the days Easton and Kiana used to push a piglet around in their doll stroller. :)