Saturday, March 15, 2014

Abraham at Two and a Half

I've been wanting to want to write some things here about this phase in Abraham's life.  He's an interesting and entertaining little guy. 

Recently he has been extremely interested in learning about men, role-playing being a man, and doing things that he sees men doing in various contexts.  He has been especially interested in construction machinery and tractors for quite some time, but now he has caught on to the fact (or is to the point that he's able to express his interest in this aspect of it) that men make these machines operate.  Of course, women can also operate machinery, but usually it's men, and that's what he's seen for the most part.

Lately, he'll put on a hat (somehow he got the idea that men wear hats... I think he knows they don't all the time, but he likes to wear a hat in his pretend play anyway), and sometimes boots or another type of shoe, walk in a very characteristic way that he seems to associate with the role, assume a certain air, and go about his "manly" job, whatever it may be.  Maybe he's operating a machine, maybe he's banging on something with a tool, maybe he's just walking around pointing to himself and saying, "Man" (he says it like "May" or "Meh").  It's sooo cute.  He also likes to look at books where men are operating tractors, etc., and point them out.  Repeatedly.  Many, many times.  :)  One of his other favorite words is "backhoe," which sounds like "haa-ho" or "baa-ho," depending on how hard he works at it (it's more often the latter now as he's getting more practiced).  He says this repeatedly while looking at the books. 

A few more pictures:
He spread out this blanket and began using his mallet on the edges of it, as though he were nailing something down. 

Then he decided his hat needed work.   

 Then he decided he needed boots for the job.

Are you ready, Mom?

 Watch me work!
Seeing him grow and develop is such a blessing.  I wonder what kind of "May" he'll be someday, if the Lord wills.  


  1. I just love everything about this little man!!!! Something about him just melts my heart (as if you hadn't noticed! ha)

    1. He's pretty charming. I think he's pretty fond of you, too (in case you hadn't noticed). :)