Thursday, October 24, 2013

Abraham Turned 2!!

In September, Abraham turned 2 years old.   It's about time I posted these pictures.
We were out of town on his day, and I just gave him a few small tractors.  He loves tractors and construction vehicles -- really almost anything with wheels is of interest, but he especially likes big construction machines and tractors or mowers.  
We had a small celebration later in the month.  He got some more vehicle-related gifts.  And he got this guitar (technically it may be a ukulele, b/c it only has 4 strings, but for him it serves as a guitar for now) which used to be my brother Dylan's.
He loved the guitar so much, he had trouble putting it down to do anything else.  He's been really fascinated by guitars lately because his daddy plays some (and a couple of his siblings have been playing a bit, too).
Trucks and guitars.  Two favorite things. 

You really had to see him with his guitar to understand his attachment to it for the first little while he had it.  It went everywhere with him that was allowed (he wasn't supposed to sleep or eat with it, and if he started being too rough with it I'd take it away also).  Here he had fallen asleep in the chair with it.  Adorable.
He still really likes it, although he has started experimenting with it now by putting things inside it and even wanting to use it as a step stool.  I take it away for the latter and try to encourage him not to do the former (his sister Tirzah has developed a good technique for getting things out of it for him, which is sweet of her).  Anyway, when he plays with it, he carries it around and wants to demonstrate his "playing" for everyone.  He's also rather possessive of it, I'm afraid.  We need to work on sharing.  He loves to try to play with a pick, although he also loves to drop the pick inside it.  His playing is so cute.  I've been meaning to take a video of it.  If I do, perhaps I can share it.


  1. Heh heh, it makes me feel better that he's trying to play with the guitar like I'm sure Tyrell would. You are very brave.

    That Abraham is such a precious little blessing. I miss his contagious smile and sparkling eyes.

    1. Maybe I just didn't think it through that well, ha. And I agree, he's precious and charming. He knows the latter a bit more than may be good for him at this point... you can tell he's a youngest child. :)

  2. I LOVE the last photo! So cute. :) Happy belated birthday to your youngest blessing.

  3. Not to pile on, but that last picture is sooo sweet. He reminds me of the two year-old boys who used to live at this house. And yes, we're still working on sharing. ;) Glad the toy is getting more love in the next generation; I'm guessing Dylan is pleased, too.

    1. Thanks. Aw, yes, I can see how he'd remind you of yours.

      Sharing is a difficult thing to teach, and to learn.