Monday, October 15, 2012

5 (Okay, 10... Plus) Minute Post

So I've not done well at keeping up lately.  I don't know whether I'll have more time today to actually do a Wrap-Up or any other post, either, but I can at least do this, right?  

We've been very busy.   Just now we have some who are fighting some type of illness again (in early September some of us had something, too). :(  It seems to be taking people slowly instead of all at once, which is better in some ways, but makes it seem to last forever when you're a family of 8.  So far it's been Peter, Zion and me who've gotten it, and Tirzah's tummy is bothering her today.  I hope she doesn't come down with it.  Peter and Zion are worst off now, though improved, and I'm lots better, thankfully.

We traveled one weekend, had friends visit another weekend, as well as doing just our activities around here.  John took a last-minute trip to Colorado one weekend to help with church matters as well.  I have a whole lot of photos I've accumulated, which ironically tends to be counterproductive for me regarding posts.

This post is now up to 15 minutes and counting, technically, b/c I keep getting interrupted, of course.  Liberty wanted me to sing the ABC's with her. Abraham fell and bonked on my chair, needing comforting and holding for some of the time.  And there were at least a couple other things.  Each thing takes out a minute or two here and there, and that's how it goes if I try to make a post at this time of day, ha.

But I just thought I wanted to say something while I thought I had a few minutes.  I'm really not saying much of anything after all anyway, so I guess it's time for me to go.  :)  Here's just one photo of Abraham in parting, which was already uploaded:

He was playing with a bit of a roll of paper I tore off for that purpose, to keep him occupied.  I was doing some other activities with Tirzah and Liberty.  This was one evening when the older ones went with John to a Bible study.

And now I'm way beyond even 15 minutes... 

Have a lovely day! :)

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  1. I always enjoy seeing a post from you, even a quick one! So sorry to hear sickness has hit your house. That's so exhausting. I think I'd actually even prefer butchering chickens to having sickness. :)