Friday, September 28, 2012

A Few More Abraham Photos

I have extra photos of Abraham from the week of September 9-15 that I want to share but didn't want to put in the Weekly Wrap-Up post.
This was supposed to be of him asleep in the highchair, but he woke up (which is why he has that pitiful face).
 I included these first two in the Wrap-Up post, but thought I'd include the whole sequence here.

 These pjs were Clint's.  I remember dressing him in pjs that snapped where the shirt and pants meet like these do -- though I didn't remember exactly what they looked like, they very well could have been this same pair.  Bittersweet memories.
 And another sequence, back in the highchair again.

He's 12.5 months in these last ones.  Precious doll baby.  I won't be able to call him that much longer. :)

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