Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Game!

You say you happen to be traveling a lot, and stuff tends to sit out a bit between trips?  You say you happen to have a super-ugly heavy-duty old garment bag lying around? (What?  You don't?!) Have my children got a game for you!

Someone gets inside the garment bag, and then someone else zips it up and drags her around on the floor.  Easy, fast, and fun!

Then, when you tire of that, about the time your mother realizes that your chaos is actually creative and mostly harmless (despite its volume) and has decided to take a picture, recruit her to take photos in stages of someone emerging from the bag, for your own amusement.

Guaranteed to produce gales of giggles (at least if there are girls involved).

Zion's (scary) into it.  Can you tell she's the one who has the reputation among them as the funniest?  :) And no, they don't watch horror movies!

They called this part "Exploding Zion." :)


  1. This made me laugh--our kids are always coming up with crazy games too (Alan is the worst culprit! ha).

    And for some reason this post brought a song to my mind: Oh Zion lovely Zion. . . :)

    1. I can believe Alan is often the instigator, ha. John comes up with some funny ones too at times.

      Yes, I like the songs I know w/her name in them. In a way it's funny that these wild pictures should bring that to mind, but of course I think she's lovely. :)

  2. Yes, who needs to buy toys when one has a garment bag or box or sticks and such. Hee, hee, too funny and what great memories.

    1. Thanks. Your comment makes me think of this article -- have you seen it? I really like it, so true. ;)