Friday, June 1, 2012

Whooping Cough

Okay, so I haven't posted yet, concerning the Cultural Exchange package from England, or otherwise.  Instead, I've been preoccupied with caring for children sick with whooping cough.  Yes, that's the same thing as pertussis.  It's been a long nearly 3 weeks since the whole thing began, and it's still not over.  Most of the children are doing very much better, but Abraham (9 months old tomorrow, Lord willing), has had it rougher than the rest.  He's done better tonight so far than he's done for the past couple of days.  Hopefully that's a good sign, but this illness is deceptive.  He can seem perfectly fine one minute, and the next be coughing horrifically and gasping for breath. 

"Who, me?"

Yes, you, cute guy.

"Yeah, I thought you were talking about me." 

He doesn't look too sick, does he?  That's what I mean.  And he's even WALKING.  I kid you not, the boy is mastering walking in the middle of this illness.  Our earliest walker.

Sorry for the blur.  I don't really have any great captures of it yet -- a little video, but not sure how much actually made it on there, and I won't take the time to look now.

I may write more about whooping cough later.  And maybe Abraham's walking too.  After I get caught up with all the other things I was supposed to be doing during the May that passed me by?  Sigh.  For now, I mostly just wanted to give you a quick update.

We also got a nice package from Malaysia during our bout with this illness.  That was refreshing.  Much nicer to think about than the contagion.  Just one peek at the box is all you get for now.

And I'll leave you with cute little Liberty (who just turned 3!).  She looked pretty spunky even in the designer mask she wore to see the doctor. :)


  1. I'm hoping and praying you all are better now. I imagine you DO feel like you lost a month (at least!)

    1. Um, I'm hoping you've heard through my FB that the children are doing better. :) I abandoned the blog, with all the other stuff going on this summer. Right now I'm trying to get back to at least drafting something to post later, in little snatches. We still have a lot going on this month and next. I'm happy for you that you're planning to move soon! I need to get over to your blog to comment too at some point. :)

  2. Oh I'm sorry that ya'll have been sick:( It is so scary when your children are suffering. I always use crushed garlic in oil and rub that on the soles of their feet then put socks on them then if it is really bad I put some on ther neck adn chest adn even around their ears. I do other stuff too but this is the best plus lots of prayers of cource. I will pray for you and your family.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Yes, it sure is scary when they are very sick. Thank you for the thoughts on garlic. They are over the whooping cough, but I'll try to remember it for the future. Thank you for the prayers.