Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Cultural Exchange Packages Have Been Sent!

Pictured below are most of the contents of the packages we sent out for Little Red Farm's Worldwide Cultural Exchange.  Sorry for the bright flash spots on some photos.

Here's a photo with a lot of the items included.  Most of the rest of the photos are just closer up of fewer items from this group.
Some coloring pages/worksheets relevant to Missouri and the US.  I think they are all linked at my Pinterest on my Missouri or Geography boards.  There are also some other things there that may interest you... and I don't want to bother to link to each one individually here. :)
I wanted to find a good basic worksheet-type page with just a brief and simple description of these US coins, but for some reason had trouble finding one like I wanted online.  In retrospect, I wonder whether looking through our homeschool math materials would have been more fruitful.  One of the children helped me make this quick and simple little matching game.
Barbeque bison, anyone?  You can buy bison meat around here some places, and we've had bison burgers at a local old-time festival.  Never had it w/bbq, though, but I'm sure it would be good.  We didn't really mean to make them related, and I took a photo of each separately, but the one of the sauce was blurry.  We put the bbq sauce in a plastic baggie to send. 

As explained in the letter we sent with the packages, bison used to roam the Plains States (of which Missouri is one) in large herds, in the days when the Native Americans of the Plains also lived here. They are also commonly known as buffalo, and are the largest land animals in North America. 

Russell Stover is headquartered in KC.

Missouri magnet
US stamps
stamps w/the flag

closeup of brochures about various attractions

various postcards

local ads

United States Bingo game, which you can find at this link.  It's not pictured in the large photo because we hadn't gotten it printed yet.

Our letter, waiting for the rest of its pages -- only one copy was complete and being packaged. It included various photos we've taken.  The photos on the page shown were taken in states other than MO.  Of course, the color cartridge on the printer ran out of ink, and as Murphy would have it, we didn't have another on hand and had to get a new one at the last minute.  

Just about ready to send!! 

I didn't get a photo of the boxes all taped up.  We also sent along a small Bible, as it is an important part of our national, state and family culture, but didn't get that in until last-minute either, and I forgot to photograph it.  It was just a small black book, insignificant-looking.  It's the words that make the difference. 

This has been a neat experience already.  Aside from putting together our own package, and the fun and learning involved there, we've already received two packages from others.  I will try to post about one of those later today, and the other sometime next week. 

Thanks to Little Red Farm for coordinating this!

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  1. You did a wonderful job ! These are very comprehensive and thoughtful packages !

    Little Red Farm's Worldwide Culture Exchange is now the Worldwide Culture Swap and it has its own site !

    We would love to hear some feedback from you on the guestbook page !

    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    The WCS Team