Monday, March 12, 2012


Yes, I joined recently.  Because I really needed another time-sapping activity in my life.

Pinterest Monday From Musings From A Stay At Home Mom

But I am finding it useful.  No, really. 

Except there are way too many incredible-looking sweets on there.

Here are a few of my favorite pins so far:

Speaking of sweets... if you like raspberries and you haven't tried this cake, you are missing out.  It's scrumptious!  Even if you use whole grain flour.

I also pinned my own banana bread, which is one of my family's favorite recipes.

I pinned a whole bunch of other things I've never tried with regard to food, too.  Like this:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I have a thing for mint chocolate chip.  I have a feeling I will find a way to try these at some point.  And for the rest of my family (especially my husband -- I don't think I've ever met anyone who likes peanut butter, or peanut butter cups, more than he does), I might need to try this too:

But wait, Pinterest is good for so much more than tasty things to eat!  I've already pinned a bunch of activities the children would enjoy, both for fun and for learning in various categories, books they've enjoyed (still need to start a category for my own, but it's hard to want to put up things you've already done when there are so many other things to do), ideas for my home, sewing ideas, and even quotes I like, Scripture, and things that make me laugh. 

Here are a couple pins I really want to do, the sooner the better:

Okay, I will probably not do this one personally.  I will probably let the men around here handle it.  But I think my husband and I were both pleased to see this, as I've been in need of some system to help with the ever-growing number of bins I'm accumulating in my quest to never throw anything away. :-/

And then there's this, which eliminates the "Oh, I have to grate the soap" procrastination excuse I've had so far concerning trying to make my own laundry soap:

Those may not be the cutest pins in the world, but they are definitely practical.  I love practical. 

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Although cute definitely has its place. :)

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  1. wow those sweets look amazing! visiting from the Pinterest Monday Hop

  2. I'm a new follower from the Pinterest Monday hop. Wow, that raspberry cake looks delish!

    1. Thanks for following! Yeah, I highly recommend trying the cake!

  3. I'm not on Pinterest a lot--I actually use it more like a bookmark organizer rather than looking at other people's boards. That "Pin it" button is just too handy! :)

    It's also a little funny to me that I have a post started in my drafts sharing recipes I've tried from Pinterest that we liked. Guess I didn't have such an original idea after all. :)

    1. "Oh, if there's an original thought out there, I could use it right now." That's a Bob Dylan line I like. :)