Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Memory Moments, December 20

Okay, I wrote the following yesterday and then didn't get it posted b/c I thought there was perhaps something else I was trying to remember to write down.  So of course it got postponed and I didn't get back to it.  Without more delay, then:

Sometimes I scribble down things to remember, or even type them up quickly into a document, but I'm terrible at keeping them in any kind of accessible order to look back on most of the time.  So this time I'm going to try quickly noting a few things here. 
  • Peter was just showing me some of the tricks he can do w/the aid of the couch, skidding over the arm, etc.  As he looked up from one move, he looked so much like my brother Clint... sigh.  Clint was really hard on my parents' sectional -- used it learning to do flips! :)
  • Liberty wanted to listen to some music yesterday.  She assumed the position she seems to think one needs to assume to listen to music at the stereo, which looks somewhat like above (that pic was taken in September), except that she usually holds the book upright.  It's really cute.  But the story I wanted to record... Someone had put on some classical music for her to listen to.  She sat there a little while patiently with her little book, but then chimed up in her sweet wee voice the disappointment, "This song will not talk!"  So we changed the music for her.  :)
  • Then, a bit later, at the end of the song "Frère Jacques" she asked something like, "Why does de lady say dat, 'Ding, Ding, Dong?'"
  • She also asks, "Can I have a shrink?" when she wants a drink.  Haha!  She's been doing that for some time -- just don't want to forget.
  • She also says "ruff, ruhth" for the sound a dog makes lately.  You kinda have to hear it but it's super cute.
  • Zion's things to be thankful for tonight included "that Mom can make cookies."  :)

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